Rainbow Beach was originally constructed in 1936 as a sand covered beach with a diving tower in the center.  In 1971, the pool was reconstructed to accommodate a 50 meter competition lap pool and a 3 board dive well.

Over the past several years, attendance at Rainbow Beach has declined steadily as our citizens are leaving the community to visit neighboring communities’ aquatic centers that feature splash pads, slides and other family friendly activities.  The layout and lack of amenities at the pool no longer meet the current trend of what families are looking for in outdoor activities.

Concrete samples taken in August of 2012 showed poor quality concrete on the walls and floor of the pool.  A new liner was installed in 2004, but is approaching the end of its useful life.  While repairing the boring holes from the concrete samples, the liner in the dive well section of the pool ripped away from the wall causing an estimated $27,000 in damage.